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jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

International Relations and 2.0 World. Remembering Rosenau

How begin it? My first line: International Studies/International Relations:  Scholars and the 2.0 world. Second line: IR Transnational Politics and Web 2.0-Social media: goals of professional and scholarship at International Studies/International Relations.

Well, it is better the phrase from the video: "Web 2.0 and specifically social media blurs the boundary between Personal, professional, the civic and Scholarly in international relations". So, I could say as a scholarly: Paradigms, Tools, Theory and Practice are involved and figure out news-other ways to be critical, reflective and integrate multilevel approaches. 
These words is a brief door of the surprises about the use Web 2.0, TIC, Social Media and get information and knowledge about international politics, transnational politics, international relations.
I would like to remember Professor James N Rosenau (1997) and his phrase: moving up the ladder of abstraction (pág. 2) . I would say the ladder of knowledge with 2.0 world need all together in a complex relationship", all of us move on and struggle in IRWorld:  theorist and practitioner, the teachers and students. Newly remember Professor James N Rosenau when visited Central University of Venezuela, at Graduate Program of International Relations (1997) and his words "For Mirna, fellow student, theorist and new friend". Yes, every day I am a fellow student...
So, many things to do, many things to work in International Studies/International Relations.
The Video in the link are very struggle reality and all everyone must care pay attention.
I thank ISA specially to support this new ways to work out in International Relations.

James N. Rosenau and Mary Durfee (1995), Thinking Theory Thoroughly. Coherent approaches to an incoherent world Westview Press. USA.
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